Being part of a team connected only by the power of the interwebs is awesome for all kinds of reasons, not least because tea runs only ever require one mug. But there are are few niggles that you’ll want to be aware of before burning your bra and adding a bottle of gin to your desktop essentials.

If you’re thinking about forming or joining a remote working team, firstly DO IT, but also take the next two minutes to learn from those those of us who already consider it a monumental effort to get dressed by midday. Welcome to Working From Home In My Pants #wfhimp (hat tip @iowct).

  1. Clothes are optional until the moment you need to make a group Skype call.

Set an alarm for 10 minutes before any scheduled video calls to avoid breaking your neck on the stairs in a desperate scramble to find and don trousers.

Just a normal, being normal
Just a normal, being normal

2. Everyone knows you haven’t gone ‘off the grid’ to concentrate better.

If you don’t answer a direct message within 30 minutes, assume that the rest of the team has busted you taking a mid-working day bath and own it by changing your profile pic to one of you wearing a towel turban.

3. You’ll miss office gossip.

You’ll never know if the office thief ever returned Chris in Finance’s A-Team mug, and this will cause you a little sadness.

Instigate a private Slack group for the pure purpose of gossip-mongering and invite only those you feel may also be yearning for an update on the woman from HR’s ganglion.

4. Those 3am genius ideas? There’s nobody to gently tell you how crap they are.

It’s entirely possible that you’ll waste several weeks figuring out how to get the cat to wear an iBeacon.

5. You’ll get to spend lots more time with your family. Oh.

Everyone in your house will now believe that it’s acceptable to interrupt you to open jars, clean up cat sick, and help the neighbours move house. Your daily effort has been irrevocably devalued and you now ‘only’ work from home.

6. You have become someone with nothing better to do.

Remember smugly scoffing in a slightly bemused way at people who make funny cat videos? Where *do* they get the time for such tomfoolery? See number 4.