Hello again (waves)

Lairies are not so easy to capture you know, always lurking where you don’t expect to find them and making hidey holes in fiddly little corners. So, my apologies for taking so long to nab one of these little nuisances for a proper introduction.

Parp was the easiest Lairy of the lot to get my hands on because I could smell him before I could see him. Even though he’s tiny enough to fit quite snugly inside an egg cup, Parp gives off such an awful whiff that I usually have no trouble at all tracking him down. You could have the most terrible head cold with a nose that felt as if it was filled with wet cotton wool, and you’d still spot the flies buzzing around his wings.

Parp can be found inside a story called The Secret Stink.  As you’ve probably not had your dinner yet, I’ll just share a little bit of the nicest part. After all, nobody likes to read about bottom burps before they tuck into pizza and chips.






and the Secret Stink

Peering out from matted hair,
Two bright eyes blinked and stared.
A fly took flight then set back down,
In tangled fur of muddy brown.

A grunt, a yawn, three yellow teeth.
Trails of dribble pooled beneath.
A little Lairy, small and smelly,
Stretched out an arm and scratched his belly.

From underneath the filthy sheets,
Waves of musty dust and heat,
Rose lazily up through the air,
Reached the roof and settled there.

Parp picked his nose and burped out loud,
High-fived himself (feeling proud).
His empty tummy growled and grumbled.
"Parp wants pie" he softly mumbled.