Sometimes I feel like all our AppyLab ideas and requirements are stacking up like laundry in a basket, more and more added every day until the precarious mountain teeters dangerously, threatening to engulf the room in VR apps, natural language interfaces, and personalised interactive characters.

Once a basic idea takes hold it’s difficult not to keep adding features and functions, until your whiteboard resembles the workings-out of a theoretical physicist with a compulsion disorder. And although it’s great, a relief even, when the ideas are flowing freely and frequently, the problem is the negative impact that tends to have on productive momentum.

We start. Then we start again. And then we start something else. You’ll have noticed a distinct lack of finishes there.

None of us had the time or energy to step out of our designated role as author, engineer, designer and bring the whole thing together into an achievable proposition.

So I quit my job.

My lovely safe job full of lovely safe salary and lovely safe to-do lists (breathe Ali, breathe).

Seems insane but I believe in what we’re doing at AppyLab. I really REALLY believe in a way I’ve never believed before. So she of little faith took a huge leap of the stuff and flung herself wildly off the edge of the proverbial cliff. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

For the first fortnight I winged it. It was the Easter school holidays so every time I failed to achieve my goals I had the handy excuse of childcare at my fingertips ready to wave in the face of my own self-doubt.

Week three brought with it pure terror. I had big issues with week three, the b*stard. All I could see were the reasons I’d never done this before, and like unwelcome visitors they knocked on the door of my brain every time I got going with a new task.

Last week it all started to come together; I remembered to breathe (every day, that’s a key point). I shed my self-consciousness and got out networking again. I re-engaged some important people (and drank a lot of wine, taking one for the AppyLab team there).

I wrote. Loads and loads of lovely words, most of which I’ll consign to the little trash can at some point, but they’re there, ready to be refined.

I started to learn the things that I need to learn to make this successful.

And once again I believed. I still do. AppyLab is an amazing, talented team. The Lairies are going mash up the collectibility of Moshi Monsters with the storytelling of Mr Men, and kids are going to love them and learn from them.


One kid already does, that’s a start.