We love a bit of hacking we do.

For the uninitiated, a hack day is an opportunity for lots of geeky people to get together and do something cool. The idea is that whatever you do is done in a day (or over a weekend you’re going in deep and doing a Hackathon), and may or may not have any purpose to yourself, your day  job or humanity in general.

The AppyLabbers first took part in a hack day run by the gorgeous beings at Hacksoton. It had everything our nerdy imaginations could conjure up; free beer, pizza, and about 17 drones buzzing around the room controlled by slightly psychotic looking bearded folk. Standard.


It’s fair to say we had no idea what we were doing on the first day, and we (me) found it difficult not to over-organise the situation.

These people do take their fun seriously though, there’s even a Hack Day Manifesto for those who want to revise the rules fully before participating.

We got stuck in though and it’s a hacking is a habit we’ve now embraced fully in our mission to build interesting things.

A couple of weekends ago we headed off to Hacksoton again and this time we managed to really get to work with some ideas. The day was a fantastic treat for inquisitive kids as well, lots to see, do and experiment with from 3D printers to conductive Play Doh.

child playing with remote control creatures

I love the idea of immersing yourself in something interesting for a finite period of time. For me it’s an opportunity to leave distractions at the door, forget that anything else matters and focus on the epic new thing you’re creating.

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