Evolution of Parp

Parp has been through several evolutionary stages to get to his current stinky state.

He started quite heavily textured as we tried to convey the extent of his nastiness:

parp1 lairies_all

We ran him past our Chief Tester, who told us he was too scary to be funny. So, we tried to make him goofier and less sinister:


His eyes got softer and his wings became more fairy than wasp. Not there yet. We gave him green eyes:


Too goblin-like. At one point we went right back to the drawing board and sketched out much more amorphous shapes for all our characters (this is Ho Hum):


Finally we found the perfect Parp and the Chief Tester gave the official thumbs-up. He’s not too scary, scruffy but still easy to replicate and draw for little fingers, and just on the right side of gormless:


Parp has found a place in our hearts, despite his whiffy ways, and we hope you’ll all have a soft spot for him too.