After the past couple of months of user-testing/raspberry-blowing with our future fans (the StinkerBells) we’ve been editing, building and pulling together…


So here’s a bit of major news, well ‘nearly’ news if you’re going to be pedantic.

We are almost, oh-so-tantalisingly-close, to launching our first Kickstarter campaign, which we hope will mean that Parp, Ho Hum, Violet, Sneeker, Peep and Bizzie could be on their way to your bookshelf, phone or tablet very soon.


You’ve all been really rather wonderful over the past year, sharing the Lairies far and wide. And while we’re on a roll, we’d like to push our luck and ask for one more teensy weensy favour.

We’re looking for some officialish founding members, some Lairy fans, our very own StinkerBells, who we can contact by email.

We promise, hand on heart, never to share or sell your details, and we’ll only ever nudge you with the occasional update, bit of exciting news or special offers and competitions. If we start to get annoying you can always tell us to shut up and we promise to do as we’re told the first time.

That’s it, that’s all we’re asking for. Easy huh? Just pop your email address in the form that pops up when you visit us here. If you’ve put fancy settings on your computer to avoid annoying pop-ups (#sorrynotsorry) you can fill in the form below instead.

Once you’re signed up you’ll be the  first in the know about everything Lairies.

In case you’re not convinced yet, here’s Lily, who can do puppy dog eyes far more effectively than us.


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