We’ve had a brilliant weekend celebrating our fantastic friend’s 40th birthday (she doesn’t look a day over 25, honest). A couple of days’ down time was just what the doctor ordered because this really feels like the calm before the storm…

In less than 3 days, after several months of hard work and bucket loads of effort from a team of incredibly generous and talented people, the Lairytales Kickstarter campaign will go live.  GULP.

The campaign has been  approved and is sat resting next to a big green LAUNCH button, which will be pressed with anxiety, nervousness and lots of excitement on Tuesday morning.

Over the next couple of days I’ll write some update posts on what we’ve learned throughout our crowdfunding experience so far, which I hope will be useful for anyone else thinking about using Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdcube or any of the crowdfunding platforms out there, to launch their own project (here’s tip #1 – go for it!).

For now, and while I have the time and mental capacity, I want to thank these wonderful people. My sincere and wholehearted gratitude goes to all of them for enabling me to go on a really big adventure, whatever the outcome.

Kieron – my biggest champion, a person who’s talent is only exceeded by his faith in me. I got so lucky finding someone who wants to go on the same adventures as me.

Dan – a person who can see into my head and make the nonsense beautiful. Several years and employers later, and we’re not finished yet.

Emma – I like to tell people she proves what an incredible talent-spotter I am, but the truth is you’d have to have your head buried in sand not to notice. One to watch.

Ryan – we’ve laughed, we’ve grumbled, we’ve tried not to cry or strangle people. Generous with his time and his smarts, I hope we end up in the same nursing home.

Louise – the only person I know who I could guarantee would be entirely unphased to be asked to record stories about farting fairies. So much fun.

Ketul (aka Kev, aka Wong Kong) – can pick me back up and put me on my tired feet again without even knowing it. Inspirational.

Charlotte – always with the perfect advice when my easily-distracted brain threatens a ludicrous tangent. Doesn’t realise how much I need her.

And to my brilliant, bonkers, cheerleading gang of friends and family: Mum, dad and the lovely in-laws, Zoe, Amanda C (special mention to L, the original Stinkerbell), Amanda EM, Dan H, Emma C, Karen, and all those who have freely and generously offered their advice and support.

This is what blessed means to me.