Ever wondered why you can’t seem to put down those ‘level up’ games on your phone?

Time for a bit of pop-science. 

When you receive a reward, your brain celebrates by upping the release of a neurotransmitter called dopamine. When something triggers a dopamine ‘hit’ you usually feel motivated to repeat the behaviour that earned it.

We wondered if we could use the old dopamine hit trick with a Lairy twist, and what better way to reward someone than with the funniest sound a body can make?

During Key Stage 1, primary school children learn how to form letters and begin cursive writing, alongside phonics and other literacy lessons. For those who have yet to tackle this topic, cursive basically means joined-up writing.

Can the Lairies could help make cursive writing practise feel a bit more like fun and less like hard work?

Make sure you watch til the end with sound on….

Let us  know what you think, show your children and see if it gets some giggles – and if you haven’t pledged yet, well, it is the best way to shut us up: http://lairi.es/gD51EB