This is us. So far.

Meet the ragtag bag of wannabes who collectively call themselves appylab. No job titles, mainly because everyone wanted to be High Controller of Snacks.

Expect this page to change when they find out what I’ve said about them.


House rules – she who gets round to writing the blog gets pole position. So this is me, Ali. Product manager by day, writer by night, and vulnerable to taking on more than I can juggle. What I lack in poker face I make up for in big hair. Always available for a chat @sparklypips.



This is Kieron. Control yourselves ladies, he’s taken (or more accurately, semi-tamed) by me. The man has a fondness for bacon that borders on the illegal and tunnel-vision when it comes to learning new technology. Often found drowning out the tinnitus with a pair of headphones and very loud music. Which caused the tinnitus in the first place.

Get hold of him @b33rdy, unless you’re easily offended, then I’d highly recommend steering well clear.

FullSizeRender (1)


So laid back he uses a sun lounger instead of an office chair, meet designer Dan. Often mistaken for a lumberjack due to a penchant for plaid shirts, Dan is pretty incredible at making things pretty. A social media lurker, you’ll find him @maxi_dan, just don’t expect a reply within 12 months.



Our secret weapon, Emma, has a wicked way with words, which comes in handy as a content strategist. The kind of woman who’d look good in a bin bag, you should not sit next to her on the beach unless you have a serious masochistic streak. She writes a blog that should go on your Sunday afternoon to-do list, along with roast dinner and watching a film in your pajamas. You’ll  also find her @emmabudd. She’s normally more awake than this.

FullSizeRender (2)


This is our Chief Tester, so, err, things can be a little buggy. Rescued from a desperate life as a super-villain’s henchgirl.


As you can see, there’s plenty of space on this page for more unflattering photos, so if you fancy joining in at any point, give us a poke in the ribs.


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