What’s this all about then?

Appylab is a group of people who have resigned themselves to never getting on Dragon’s Den. Is that still a thing? Anyway.

We got a little fed up of having great ideas and not doing anything about them, so we started working together to get stuff done. So far, we’re having fun. We don’t get paid so we have to fit this stuff in around our other lives. That’s a lot of effort to be able to never say “I wish I’d…” but, to quote L’Oreal, it’s worth it.

Appylab is also an experiment in remote team working. We meet up once in a while but most of the knowledge sharing, culture and poo jokes are achieved via the wonders of Slack, Trello and email. Bless em, every one.

You can join in too, if you like. What we work on at any one time is decided democratically, but at least 70% of the team can be bought with beer and doughnuts.

Here’s a little bit more about how it all started: Plastic shoes and missed opportunities.


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